Investment Process

We listen, we think, and we solve Together.

Investment Process.

Five Pillars:

We research

V-Square approach to research follows the same framework as "embedded research" in academia where the benefits of our multidisciplinary researchers working in tandem with portfolio managers are compounded.

We value

Valuation is informed by thorough research and acquired knowledge. This is a critical step in the investment process where relevant economic, sustainability and market variables are assessed, deciphered and processed.

We allocate

Allocation is driven by investment objectives and integrates risk management at the forefront. Weight allocation is determined with an investment horizon for rebalancing.

We implement

Implementation combines faithfulness to intended allocation and cost-efficiency. We are expert in navigating the markets, identifying and trading the most appropriate securities that reflect the allocation, while minimizing the explicit and implicit costs.

We attribute

Our modified (Brinson, Hood and Beebower (BHB) model attribution integrates sustainability materiality metrics and carbon footprinting. Performance attribution is more than an ex-post exercise for us. It informs our embedded research approach and the evolution of our quantitative models.

Investment Vehicles.

V-Square implements its investment strategies via separate managed accounts. Other vehicles may be customized for qualified clients. Our separate managed accounts platform also offers bespoke tax-aware portfolios which may enable investors to achieve better after-tax returns.


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