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ESG Trends to Watch in 2022

2021 came and went as fast as 2020. As we look forward through 2022, we are thrilled to see the industry recognize the opportunities ahead and take on the many complex challenges that come.

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Replay of Responsible Investor webinar: Can there ever be true net zero?

This webinar will explore the scientific ground for net zero emissions, the levers to getting to net zero and how investors can align their portfolios.

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Intentionality Matters: BrightTalk ESG 2021

This webinar will explore how the growing demand for integrating ESG considerations into investments must be reconciled with the deluge of data, and the call for tangible metrics which makes a compelling case for quantitative finance.

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ESG Trends to Watch in 2021

As we embrace the new year following a challenging 2020, the theme of "Building Back Better" remains top of mind.

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Is quantitative finance a good match for ESG?

Quantitative approaches provide speed, scalability, and cost savings, which can help process the deluge of ESG data, says Habib Moudachirou.

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CFA Society Chicago - Quant-Focused ESG Investing

Mamadou-Abou Sarr & Monique Thanos, CFA

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Sustainability Random Walk vs GPS

In the family apartment in my hometown les Ulis (south suburb 20 miles away from Paris, France), I vividly remember spending the first few weeks of the month of May 2003 preparing for my master's oral exam for the ESCP Business School.

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