Academic Engagement.

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Intellectual curiosity is the cornerstone of our approach to financial markets. V-Square's investment philosophy is anchored on a rigorous research framework, and research is an integral part of our investment process.

V-Square's approach to research follows the same framework as "embedded research" in academia where the benefits of our multidisciplinary researchers working in tandem with portfolio managers are compounded. V-Square has formed partnerships with internationally renowned engineering and business schools, as we believe that creating a two-way bridge between theory and practice fuels innovation.

MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

V-Square is member of The MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change (the "Joint Program") Alliance. The Joint Program has an integrated team of natural and social scientists who study the interactions among human and Earth systems to provide a sound foundation of scientific knowledge that will aid decision-makers in confronting the coupled challenges of future food, energy, water, climate and air pollution, among others. To advance our mutual interest in education and research in the area of sustainability, and as a contribution to connecting science, global policy and financial markets, we will be collaborating on specific projects on GHG emissions as well carbon pricing mechanisms that can help scope and define future research related to ESG metrics.

ESCP Energy Management Center (EMC)

The ESCP Energy Management Center's Mission is to build a strong proactive partnership between energy corporations, government agencies and the academic community, in preparation for a new energy era. This will be achieved through the promotion of rigorous and objective empirical research on issues related to energy management, finance and policy, in order to support decision making by both government and industry. V-Square serves at the Advisory Board of the Center. Board members actively contribute to the further development of the center through knowledge, research, and advice. We advise the EMC in several different areas:

  • The curricula of the MSc in Energy Management and Executive Master in Energy Management, ensuring both programmes meet the needs of participants on academic and professional levels.
  • Research that makes significant impact on best business practices.
  • Current and future activities which benefit the EMC's partners, affiliates, students and alumni.

The Baumhart Center

The Baumhart Center prepares leaders to tackle society's most pressing challenges through education, programs, and research. Their signature program develops leaders from the private, government, and social sectors who thrive at the intersection of profit and purpose. Mamadou-Abou Sarr is an Executive Fellow at the Baumhart Center. Executive Fellows are visionary CEOs and business executives who have agreed to annually visit with the Baumhart Center community and to share their knowledge, values, and perspective with students. V-Square also supports their Career Strategy Series, a leadership development series that engages Scholars in interactive dialogues with foremost leaders about how to advance their careers and their social and environmental impact simultaneously.

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