Proxy Voting.

Impactful Voting.

As a global asset management firm, we recognize our responsibility to exercise proxy voting authority with respect to those client accounts over which we have been delegated proxy voting discretion. We are shareholder advocates and have a fiduciary responsibility to make investment decisions that are in our clients’ best interests. We apply a thoughtful and intentional approach to proxy voting.

V-Square Quantitative Management LLC (V-Square) recognizes that environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) investors have dual objectives: financial and sustainable. We believe that value created at the expense of the non-investor stakeholders can be short-lived. Over long periods of time, stakeholder and shareholder interests become increasingly aligned and we take these factors into consideration when voting.

In shareholder meetings, proxy voting decisions will be guided by the core tenets of accountability, stewardship, transparency and sustainability. By focusing on these areas of responsible governance globally, voting decisions are most likely to promote long-term shareholder value creation and risk mitigation at portfolio companies.

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