Investment Solutions Offering

We offer three types of investment solutions

ESG-Aligned Market Beta
and Customized Solutions

Obtain beta exposure aligned with your ESG investment goals.

When it comes to ESG, we understand that there is no one-size-fit-all approach. We work to understand our clients’ ESG investment goals and, we subsequently optimize the portfolio to align with their ESG values, while maintaining an exposure to their desired beta within the risk tolerance set parameters.

Align and impact.


Proprietary ESG Strategies
using our Squared Score™

Research-informed proprietary strategies in collaboration with academia, data providers and asset owners

Recognizing the critical value of scientific research and risk, and policy analysis into our investment process, we joined the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global change and partnered with leading ESG data providers to enhance our investment decision making. We also collaborate with asset owners as they are the primary stakeholders.
We incorporate our proprietary ESG insights into our investment processes across a wide array of asset classes.
We leverage the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) materiality framework to measure a company’s business operations and governance relative to industry-specific ESG issues likely to affect a company’s financial performance; material issues vary across sectors and industries.

Delivered in rules-based factor investing strategies.

Factors available to combine with:


Beta and Smart Beta Strategies
(Passive non-ESG + Active Ownership)

Beta or Smart Beta replication

Although without necessarily having any ESG factor intentionally incorporated in those investment processes, we offer our portfolio management and trading platform capabilities to manage your desired strategies.

Impactful voting

Via our curated proxy-voting policy that focuses on ESG issues that we have identified as being critical for companies’ long-term value.

Active ownership

We partnered with Arkadiko Partners, a renowned sustainability and strategic consulting firm, to design an active ownership program targeting a set of issues covering materiality, climate change, human capital & technology and governance


Sustainable Investing Reimagined.