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Why Should Investors Care About Factor Exposures?
Get your factors right!

Uncover the risk blind spots in your portfolio and manage them too.

Diversification is key for investing to reduce risk. Most investment managers monitor market concentration risk, and you probably have that covered.

However, do you have a proper accounting of your exposures to risk factors ?

In fact, beyond market exposure, the financial theory – born from the Fama-French model and its iteration – demonstrated that factors such as size, low volatility, value, growth, quality are as many as sources of risk and premium reward for portfolios. They must be managed and diversified too in line with intended exposures.

Our Diagnosis-to-Completion approach

V-Square offers you the ability

  • to map your overall portfolio’s factors exposure Diagnosis and
  • to subsequently tailor solutions to complement your asset allocation Completion.

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V-Square Completion Portfolio - VCP

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