About us.

We are V-Square, a global asset manager with thematic and differentiated capabilities.

About us

Our core philosophy and values are based on a simple mathematical relationship:

The Square of the Whole of positive contributions is even Greater than the Sum of its Squared Parts.

At V-Square, we believe that inclusive teamwork, intellectual curiosity, and collegial partnership create additive value.


Our values.

V-Square's PHD Values:


Passion fuels us

We are passionate about data science, investment research and developing innovative investment solutions that make an impact.


"We are like the bamboo: The higher we grow, the deeper we bow"
- Chinese proverb

Humility for us means listening harder and partnering with you to find bespoke investment solutions focusing on long-termism.


Dedication drives us

We are dedicated to reimagining asset management for generations to come.

Why V-Square?

V-Square’s unique approach takes a long-term view and seeks to deliver a new vector of change in the way we generate investment returns for investors in alternative asset classes, core equity and fixed income. We take pride involving investors in our disciplined iterative process to align desired investment objectives within a rigorous risk-controlled framework.

Our approach focuses on four pillars:


Thematic investing needs to be intentional. As part of our investment process, relevant economic, sustainability and market variables are assessed, deciphered and processed. Scoring methodologies are employed to translate the research into actionable selection of risk factors, sector, countries and securities.


The V-Square approach to research follows the same framework as "embedded research" in academia where the benefits of our multidisciplinary researchers working in tandem with portfolio managers are compounded. V-Square has formed partnerships with internationally renowned engineering and business schools, as we believe that creating a two-way bridge between theory and practice fuels innovation.


Our approach to innovation combines embedded investment research with a human-centered design framework, placing investors' desired risk-adjusted and sustainability outcomes at the heart of what we do.


We integrate a long-term outlook and population dynamics when making investment decisions.

One of the important mathematical properties of the square function is that the square of x is the same as the square of its additive inverse. Stated another way, any negative value squared is the same as its positive value squared. This is exactly how we think about investing: multiply positive financial impact and sustainability outcomes while addressing negative externalities and unleashing impactful solutions. Be part of the solution!

Management Team.

Mamadou-Abou Sarr, CIFD

Co-Founder, President
Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier de l'Ordre des Art et des Lettres)

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Habib Moudachirou, FRM®, CIFD, NACD.DC®

Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer

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Anita Woodhouse

Chief Compliance Officer

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