ESGCentral ™

Harness data.

Source, aggregate, standardize and integrate.

Take control of your data.

Unlock value by offering a unique interface with key data analytics (ESG data sources, proxy voting trends, engagement opportunities).

Simplify and normalize the abundance of data and metrics.

Reduce to a minimum the lag between data updates and investment actions.

ESGCentral™ gives you a comprehensive view of sustainability metrics on companies and at the portfolio level.

Learn how to use the power of ESGCentral™ to source, aggregate, standardize and integrate ESG data. Our tool provides a deeper insight on scoring methodologies and ESG data.

One ESGCentral™, 3 modules

ESGCentral™ Aggregator

Provide a framework which enables comparison amongst various ESG data providers such as MSCI, Refinitiv, Sustainalytics, etc.

ESGCentral™ Proxy Voting Trends

Track upcoming ESG related ballots for companies under a centralized dashboard.

ESGCentral™ Engagement Trends

A tool built for:

  • Custodians
  • Asset managers
  • Corporations
  • Advisors
  • Asset owners
  • ESG Analysts

Investing Reimagined.